Dear Frustrated New Haven Neighbor,

My Name is Mubarakah Ibrahim, and  I am a certified personal trainer and fitness expert in New Haven CT.  I have been helping women get lean legs, toned arms, tight butt, and flat abs, fast with my weight loss and fat burning workout for over 8 years.

You may have seen me on the Oprah Winfrey Show, local News Channel 8, WVIT 30, on the cover of the New Haven Advocate, Hartford Current or read my workout in Prevention Magazine.  But, today I want you to consider me your friend and neighbor who understand what it takes for a woman to lose weight and get in shape.

If you’re like most people who want to lose fat and get into shape you probably feel like you don’t have the time or motivation to get to your fitness goals on your own… I completely understand… hey I’m super busy too…so here’s what I’ve done…

I’ve created highly effective quick 30 minute workout routines…
These time saving workouts are short, fast-paced and fun and they’ll have you looking better and feeling better in no time.

You’ll Get the Body You Want in Less Time than It Takes to Watch Your Favorite TV Program

I know not everyone is the same, so our fitness and fat loss solutions are specific to YOUR goals, YOUR body type and YOUR life. Although we do offer customized one on one personal training for clients who prefer extra attention we’ve discovered that group fitness is more motivating and affordable.  My group express workouts makes our personal training rates affordable

Will you indulge me for one quick moment?  There is no shortage in “weight loss” programs.  The unfortunate but true fact is that over 90% of all fitness related resolution fail.  Fat loss pills, fad diets and infomercial gadgets just don’t work.  Some people as a last resort turn to surgery because they feel nothing works. But there is something that does . . .Local New Haven residents have discover the real deal when it comes to permanent fat loss.  BALANCE fitness has been voted The Best All women’s health club for 3 years and our head trainer and owner Mubarakah Ibrahim, Best Personal Trainer by the New Haven Advocate Reader’s Poll.

I could tout the benefits of my PROVEN FITNESS AND FAT LOSS PROGRAM all day long, but nothing I say will be as convincing as the actual success stories of your neighbors.  Their lives have changes and now I want to help you change your life, too . . .

I’ve trained hundreds of local residents to fitness success, and in that time we’ve discovered that the single biggest problems that people face is not being able to stay consistent and motivated while on a weight loss program.  I have the solution that will help you finally realize the body that you deserve.
Yes, I’m Ready To Get Into The Best Shape of My Life!

  • Yes! I want to shed my unwanted body fat (So I can feel GREAT about my body when I look in the mirror!)
  • Yes! I want to achieve a toned and fit look
  • Yes! I want to define the muscles in my arms, stomach and legs (So I can look my absolute best wherever I go and be the envy of my friends.)
  • Yes! I want to strengthen and condition my entire body
  • Yes! I want to be more athletic (So I can take pride in my body and in myself.)
  • Yes! I want highly effective workouts – workouts that are high energy and get me into shape as FAST as possible
  • Yes! I want to have more energy (I want to be on top of my game all day long.)
  • Yes! I want to enjoy the feeling of seeing my body constantly improving (I’m excited to see the positive changes come on a consistent basis.)
  • Yes! I want to work with trainers who are master motivators – trainers who will safely push me harder than I would push myself, giving me the right type of workout for my goals while keeping my exercise form in perfect check
  • Yes! I want to be healthy (I want to feel like million bucks!)
  • Yes! I want to learn and perform the two most dramatic-fat-melting-muscle-building-bang-for-your-buck-exercises around. (Psssssst…If you could only do two exercises these are the two, hands down. Learning these two exercises and doing them the right way will force you to drop fat at a rapid rate.)
  • Yes! I want to learn what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. I know this will help the fat fall right off of my body
  • Yes! I want to be a fat burning machine – I want to fire up my metabolism BIG TIME which is going to help me burn fat as fast a possible (I can’t wait to see all this fat literally MELT away!)
  • Yes! I want to be held accountable to my workouts, and by being accountable I understand I WILL GET RESULTS
  • Yes! I want to get constant compliments from my friends (I can’t wait for everyone I know to tell me how great I look!)
  • Yes! I want to get into incredible shape right now and understand there is absolutely NO RISK and NO COST to try out your program.

I will call 203-624-9999 right now to apply for a trial workout…
I can’t wait to get started!

Personal Training and Boot Camp for all of New Haven County
BALANCE Fitness Personal Training has personal trainers and a fitness boot camp, serving all of New Haven County including Ansonia,  Beacon Falls,  Bethany,  Branford,  Cheshire,  Derby,  East Haven,  Guilford,  Hamden,  Madison,  Meriden,  Middlebury,  Milford,  Naugatuck, New Haven,  North Branford,  North Haven,  Orange,  Oxford,  Prospect,  Seymour,  Southbury,  Wallingford,  Waterbury,  West Haven,  Wolcott, and  Woodbridge .
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New Haven Personal Trainer Proves AMAZING WEIGHT LOSS IS POSSIBLE!
Rock-Solid proof that BALANCE fitness will quickly sculpt your body, GUARANTEED!
All these women are actual personal training and fitness boot camp clients of BALANCE fitness Studio for women.
The results you see listed represents the actual weight loss THEY have achieved through our unique and proven fitness programs.
Connecticut Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Expert flips the fat loss industry on its ears!
New Haven’s Only Personal Training Program that Guarantees To Quickly Sculpt, Tone, And Melt Pounds Off Your Body…And Get You Back Into Your Skinny Jeans!

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