I decided I needed to start a program when I wasn’t satisfied with seeing myself in pictures. The best thing about the program is having a trainer who is personally invested in our weight loss success. The meetups outside the studio, the extra tips and recipes, and fun competitive incentives are all a plus that I don’t think you would get from any other fitness program. I’ve done other personal training programs before, and once that half hour or hour was done, it was done until the next session…. Not the case here, you develop a bond here among other woman supporting each other in their personal fitness goals. I wish was was able to join some of the ladies who meet up on Saturday mornings for a hike, run, or healthy lunch date. I am very close to the size I was in college 10 yrs ago. Wow!


Are you on the fence about joining? Listen to Brandy and … “I was also on the fence about joining, because I didn’t really have the money. But once I budgeted and finally decided to join, it was the best decision that I ever made towards meeting my weight loss goals. Its well worth it because its investment in yourself and good health. The results are inevitable”

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