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After feeling frustrated trying to reach my weight loss goals on my own, I wanted a program that would help me make permanent changes.  Ahh…showing up at 6:30am and the plan is to sprint up a hill…6 times.  You quietly think, uh oh I am not a runner and by 7:30am you are wondering if you could run a 5k. Boot Camp provides you with a confidence and strength you did not know you had. I have lost weight and inches.  Yeah!  But I have also gained strength and confidence.  Double Yeah!!


To someone joining boot camp:  Join.  You notice changes in your everyday life.  First you are seeking  the stairs to your third floor doctors appointment.  Then the hill you avoid when walking your dogs becomes your daily route.  Soon that person you envy for all of their energy…becomes you!




I made the decision to begin this program in order to change my life. I needed to change my eating habits, my activity level and become a stronger person. The best thing I like about the program is the changes that take place in my own thought processes related to choosing foods to eat, and determining what is good for my body and what isn’t. I am stronger and I am able to do exercises that I could not do before. I also got the courage to try new exercises that I would have just observed in the past.



On the fence about joining? Listen to Teresa … I would say, if that person REALLY wants to change their entire lifestyle, not just their weight, or their look – than they have nothing to lose and they need to get with the program! But if the person really isn’t serious, or just wants to lose a few lbs and go back to their old ways-than they shouldn’t bother.



I wanted to be healthier and stronger. This is the best fitness program I have ever been in. every day’s workout is different and challenging and designed to allow people of all fitness levels to participate together at a pace appropriate to each individual. I really like having a trainer to push me and the group class makes it fun. I look forward to seeing what days exercise plan will be. I am now a better runner and jumper, and i’m also able to do better push ups. I also like getting up early now.


On the fence about joining? Listen to Karin… The trainer, Mubarakah, is very knowledgeable, and creative with the routines she presents each day. She is an excellent trainer and a caring & thoughtful person and makes each person feel like they can meet the fitness challenges.



After back surgery I felt the need to regain the strength and balance I had lost in the previous 5 years.  Because of certain physical limitations I have been afraid to go to classes. Now I get amazing individualized help. I love it! I am MUCH stronger and my body is beginning to look more toned. My clothes fit better.


On the fence about joining a Semi-Private group listen to Denise…. “It’s a win-win situation! Balance Fitness will work flexibly with your time and physical needs and the cost is reasonable. Give it a try!”



I decided I needed to start a program when I wasn’t satisfied with seeing myself in pictures. The best thing about the program is having a trainer who is personally invested in our weight loss success. The meetups outside the studio, the extra tips and recipes, and fun competitive incentives are all a plus that I don’t think you would get from any other fitness program. I’ve done other personal training programs before, and once that half hour or hour was done, it was done until the next session…. Not the case here, you develop a bond here among other woman supporting each other in their personal fitness goals. I wish was was able to join some of the ladies who meet up on Saturday mornings for a hike, run, or healthy lunch date. I am very close to the size I was in college 10 yrs ago. Wow!


Are you on the fence about joining? Listen to Brandy and … “I was also on the fence about joining, because I didn’t really have the money. But once I budgeted and finally decided to join, it was the best decision that I ever made towards meeting my weight loss goals. Its well worth it because its investment in yourself and good health. The results are inevitable”



I wanted weight loss, beginning a new experience, and fellowship with women & my sister Chereece. Motivation from trainer and the women within the group has made me enjoy boot camp. After coming to boot camp I have a new appreciation for 5:30 mornings, healthier eating habits, smoothie making skills. I also lost a few inches lost.


Are you on the fence about joining? Listen to LaKeisha and … “Ttry it, the early rising makes you full of energy if you follow the meal plan”



I wanted to begin loosing weight. I was able to get a jump start with the FAT FURNACE. This program allowed me to lose 10 lbs. The exercise program pushes you. The food has started teaching me a new way to eat. I am a little more conscientious about what I eat now. I was happy that I lost the weight. It allowed me to look great in my clothes for several events that I had to attend.



Are you on the fence about joining? Listen to Sondi and …. “I would say join because it WORKS! I have a hard time getting up in the morning so it was an effort to be at the track at 5:30 but I wanted to look good for the events. The food with the exercise made the difference. I just need to get back on track, I need to work for the second attempt at the 10 lbs. Fortunately, I have not gained any weight back even though I have had my Cheat days.”



I needed an exercise plan that challenged me after I had lost 28 lbs and couldn’t seem to lose another inch or pound. I like the trainers who push you in respectful and helpful manner. In the first two weeks I lost a total of 6 inches and 1.5 lbs. The best result is that I feel so much better.



Are you on the fence about joining? Listen to Robin and …. “Come and see. The trainers are great and the participants are supportive and you will see results.”



I had taught Zumba for over a year and did other types of exercise. I lost motivation at the beginning of the year due to the weather and other personal issues. I decided to jump start my workout routine and saw the offer at Balance Fitness, which was exactly what I was looking for: personal/group training within my budget. I like the small group/one on one that you receive. The exercises are all intense but you can always modify to your level. I like how it was available every day at a reasonable time of the day. I tested my own personal limits.



Are you on the fence about joining? Listen to Marla and … “There’s no better way to try it then the Fat Furnace Challenge!”



A friend of mine told me about the kickboxing classes. I took those classes and really liked them. They ended because the fat furnace started and I tried it because I wanted to continue with an intense workout. Knowing I have to be at boot camp at a specific time (and I can’t put it off until later) motivates me to workout. I am stronger and I have noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit.



Are you on the fence about joining? Listen to Johanna and … “The program helps to build a fitness routine with others that are supportive and motivating.”