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Muslim Women’s Fitness Alert: The Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

[public_post]Muslim women’s fitness experts make it clear we need to take our vitamins. We’re told from a very early age to take our vitamins and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. We know that for each vitamin there is a unique benefit provided to our body and our overall health. As women, ensuring that we have the proper vitamin intake is crucial for Muslim women’s Fitness. Vitamins can affect everything in women from moods to fertility and they provide the fuel necessary to keep our body functioning. One of the most important vitamins that’s receiving a great deal of attention these days is Vitamin D. Though experts have always highlighted Vitamin D as an important nutrient, it has become increasingly important for women and for that reason has been in the news quite a bit.

Vitamin D is created in our bodies through a chemical process that is initiated when the sun hits our skin. But for Muslim women in particular this poses a dilemma. Because Muslim women cover most if not all of our skin when outdoors we do not produce as much vitamin D as we need. This makes it more work to reach a higher energy level for Muslim women’s fitness. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the biggest concern for Pregnant and breast feeding Muslim women because infants get their nutrients exclusively from their mother. A lack of vitamin D in infant can cause rickets resulting in bone malformation and a growth stunt.

There are several recent studies showing that a lack of Vitamin D can cause mood swings in women specifically. Certain conditions that women have traditionally suffered from such as PMS or seasonal disorders have intensified without Vitamin D in the system to help regulate. As hormone levels plummet at certain points of a woman’s monthly cycle, a lack of Vitamin D in a woman’s body is allowing the mood swings and depression to intensify. In some studies it has been shown that woman who normally did not suffer from depression or mood swings were more likely to do so if they were not receiving proper levels of Vitamin D. The mood swings and depression are directly correlated to the points of a woman’s cycle and receiving proper levels of Vitamin D can help to prevent these spikes. The Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to a woman’s potential to suffer from muscle pain or injury more easily – this is essential to know for Muslim women’s fitness.

This can all be easily remedied if a woman ensures that she receives the right levels of Vitamin D in her day. You want to be sure to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D such as dairy products enriched with it and certain fish such as sardines and mackerel. However the easiest and most common source that women are getting their Vitamin D these days is through supplements. Finding a supplement that combines Vitamin D with calcium accomplishes two important things for Muslim women’s fitness. Ensuring that you take your Vitamin D supplement on a daily basis can help to alleviate your deficiency and ultimately help you to feel more balanced and well again.

Knowing your vitamin D level is as easy as requesting a simple blood test from your Doctor. An average vitamin D level is 25-30 but if your blood work comes back lower than that talk to your doctor about supplementing your vitamin D and find a window to sit in to soak up some rays. Muslim women’s fitness experts agree, getting enough Vitamin D is essential.


The Importance of Getting Proper Calcium for Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]There are many nutritional needs that play a part in Muslimah fitness. Let’s face it though, there are certain aspects of our lifestyle where we don’t practice what we preach. We tell our kids to eat their vegetables or to get a good night of sleep, and we may not always do those things ourselves. That is so especially true when it comes to getting proper calcium. We tell our kids to drink their milk as it will help them to grow up big and strong, but are we practicing this important rule? Are we ensuring that our bodies get the proper amount of calcium? Most women simply aren’t and though it is easy to remedy, we don’t make it a priority for Muslimah fitness. Calcium is on the list of one of the most important nutrients for women, but many of us don’t include it in our diet.

For many of us women, we just don’t like the taste of milk. That or we think it’s too fattening or can’t figure out a way to fit it into our meals. There are a million reasons why we as women don’t get the calcium we need, but there is no excuse too important. Not only can you find alternate sources of calcium above and beyond milk, but it can help contribute to some of our health goals. Drinking milk has been shown to help dramatically with weight loss efforts for Muslimah fitness. If you don’t like the thick Vitamin D variety that we are providing to the kids, then you go for skim or a lower fat option. Whether you drink it on its own or add it to cereal or other dishes, you will be sure to get the health benefits. Calcium is important in ensuring we keep healthy bones and single handedly can ensure that we don’t develop osteoporosis as we get older. Women are more prone to this and that makes the consumption of calcium that much more important.

If milk isn’t your thing, then find other foods that are rich in calcium. Dairy products have come a long way and you can find low fat version of some of your favorites such as yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream. You can find creative ways to incorporate such dairy products into your cooking if you don’t like them on their own. This is a task worth investing in because it will contribute to your overall health. If you have problems digesting dairy products, then looking into a calcium supplement may be a better match for you. There are some great supplements out there that allow you to get the proper amounts in a day and keep your bones and your body strong.

Never underestimate the power of certain nutrients to your body and the effects they can have on Muslimah fitness. Calcium is one of m any nutrients that keeps your body running smoothly and keeps you strong and healthy. As women, calcium is one of the most important building blocks in our diets and will keep us free of conditions such as osteoporosis. If you thought that you could only get the proper amounts of calcium through milk, think again. Dairy products as a whole as well as calcium supplements can be excellent ways to introduce this pivotal nutrient into your bodies and our lives. So the next time you tell your kids to drink their milk to get big and strong, think of how calcium can benefit you and help you reach your goals for Muslimah fitness.


The Power of Positive Thinking in Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]A positive attitude can do wonders for you in many aspects of your life – including Muslimah Fitness. Making the choice to stay positive and smile rather than frown can not only assure that you have better days but that your approach to things is more effective. Positive attitude can do a lot for your career, stress management, family life, and so much more. You may not realize the impact of positive attitude on your health, but it’s quite powerful. Whether you are facing a serious health condition or are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, positive attitude can work wonders for you. You will find that facing things in your health with a smile and a positive attitude can be even more powerful for your health that some medication.

A Strong Mindset for Muslimah Fitness

Experts say that you attract what you put out there so if you face things in your health with a positive attitude and a strong mindset, you may very well overcome the pain. You always hear the instances of women who face child labor or even serious health conditions in their lives with a positive outlook and a strong demeanor. Mind over matter is what you hear but you can’t really realize the impact of that until you practice it with Muslimah fitness. Sure there will be times in life that you will be faced with pain both mentally and physically, and that may not always be easy. Maintaining a healthy and happy outlook towards that pain can be difficult at times, but it can heal you in more ways that you know.

Facing pain or struggles with your health with a positive attitude will make the journey and the road traveled so much easier and much less painful. Knowing people in your life that have faced life altering situations such as cancer and have done so with strength, courage, and a positive attitude can be proof that it can work well for you. If you believe that it will all be okay and that you are strong enough to make it through whatever struggle you face, it will make the challenges ahead of you much easier. Studies show that a positive attitude can be of great help in pain management and in many cases of healing the ailments. It can aid you in whatever path you take towards Muslimah fitness.

Overcoming the Challenge

It’s not to say that positive attitude will fully replace medication or treatment, but think of how much easier it will make any challenges you face with your health. It matters not what your challenge is—whether you are trying desperately to lose weight or working hard to overcome a painful injury, a positive mental attitude will pave the road with strength and help you to stay strong and overcome. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking for Muslimah fitness and if you don’t believe it, try it out in one simple aspect of your life. If you can learn to practice positive thinking in all aspects of your life, you will find that it can help you to maintain your good health for years to come. Learning this along with natural healing practices can help you to overcome any obstacles that you may face as a woman.


The Right Way for a Woman to Lose Weight with Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]Muslimah fitness experts realize as much as anyone that most women struggle with their weight in some capacity at some point in their lives. Whether struggling to look thin as a teenager or working hard to take off the baby weight after pregnancy, we all have our struggles with weight loss. Women tend to have a much harder time taking off and maintaining any weight loss. Perhaps it’s because we put so many other people and priorities ahead of ourselves. When it comes to weight loss efforts though, we as women have to put our needs at the top of the list.

Men tend to lose weight much easier by simply eliminating certain foods from their diet and maybe engaging in some sort of physical activity. Sad but true, we have to work harder when it comes to weight loss!

Muslimah Fitness for Effective Weight Loss

Women tend to gain their weight in different spots and that’s part of the problem. Many women gain their weight in their hips, thighs, and butts—these can be tough areas to lose pounds and inches from. When you think of your weight loss efforts you want to focus on your problem areas and think through the very best and most effective ways to lose the weight and keep it off. With so many different diets, exercises, and fads out there, it can be easy to get caught up in all the hype. However to lose the weight in the most effective manner and keep it off for the long term, you need to get back to basics.

Eating right and exercising regularly are the only true ways to lose weight and achieve Muslimah fitness. It’s how you eat, what exercises you incorporate, and what sort of a mindset you maintain that will ensure you lose the weight. First and foremost, you need to have the right attitude for long lasting weight loss results. This is about leading a healthy life and viewing your efforts as such rather than simply losing weight. Changing how you view food and how you eat it will be a big help too. Eating the right foods spread throughout the course of a day in smaller meals rather than opportunities to overeat is the right way to go about it.

Maintain Good Health

Skipping meals and dramatically cutting calories not only won’t help you to maintain the weight loss, but can be harmful to your health. You also want to be sure that exercise is a big priority in your efforts. If you don’t currently maintain a Muslimah fitness program which should include cardio and weight training a minimum of 3-4 times a week, then you need to be sure to do so.

Your approach to your weight loss and Muslimah fitness should be focused on living and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating healthy eating and regular exercise are the best elements in losing weight and keeping it off. If you follow these guidelines and stick with them, you will see your body change and the fat on the problem areas simply melt away. It won’t be long before you are living a healthier life, feeling better, and of course looking better. That’s what we all want after all, and you can have it with the right combination of these Muslimah fitness elements in your own life.


Muslim Women’s Fitness and Changing Hormone Levels

[public_post]Muslim women’s fitness can affect your health in a way that even reaches your emotions. Sometimes we’re happy and sometimes we’re sad. That’s just the way it goes for everyone as we have fluctuating moods that are often affected by circumstances and the simple course of a day. The fluctuation of moods is not something that is specific to women, but the hormones that contribute to those moods can be. Women have a lot of different things going on within their bodies and hormones help to regulate them. The role of hormones keep a woman healthy and ensure that she can have a baby someday. While hormones are often looked at as a negative thing, they really aren’t. It’s a matter of mastering the fluctuating levels of hormones and how they affect your life that can present problems at times.

Muslim Women’s Fitness and Hormonal Changes

Women’s hormones change throughout the course of her life with and without Muslim women’s fitness. As a women goes through her monthly cycle, there is a rise and fall of hormone levels that can be quite severe at times. Women’s hormones change dramatically after she has a baby which can not only affect her cycle but her moods. Women’s hormones change as they get older, this is just Mother Nature at work. There are so many instances and contributing factors that lead to a woman’s constantly changing hormone levels, and understanding them and how you can keep them in check is a tall order. You may not always understand why you feel such hormonal highs and lows, nor are you expected to. The most important thing that you can do however is to keep track of how the hormone levels affect your moods and be sure to report them to your doctor.

Different Approaches to Muslim Women’s Fitness

In some cases, a simple supplement such as Vitamin D can do wonders for your ability to cope with the highs and lows that changing hormones can create. In more extreme cases, an anti anxiety medication may be necessary. As a women, you want to be sure to be in tune with your body and your cycle. Keep track of how certain times of the month affect your moods and how you feel at different points in time. Conditions such as PMS can become more dramatic for example after having a baby. This is just an instance of your hormones at work and is nothing to be alarmed about, but rather just aware of.

Being in tune with what’s going on with your moods and your body and how it relates to your cycle or different parts of the month can be really helpful to your doctor as they try to figure out what is going on. Knowing that certain mood fluctuations are very normal and that you are not alone can make you feel normal again. Practicing Muslim women’s fitness can help you to deal with these emotions. Part of being a woman is riding the hormonal highs and lows and if you are in tune to it and become aware of how it impacts your daily life, you are well ahead of the game. Hormones control and can impact so many different aspects of your life from moods to fatigue to eating habits, so being an educated woman and knowing when to expect changes will make your life and how you deal with the highs and lows much easier. As always, practicing Muslim women’s fitness will help you cope as well.


Sufficient Sleep for Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]Muslimah fitness depends on getting the right amount of sleep every night. If you’ve ever had a sleepless night, you know just how important a good night of sleep really can be. Yet we all tend to make this a priority quite low on our overall list because we have so many more important things to do. As women we are usually balancing a hectic schedule of our own combined with caring for children and a household, which in and of itself means that sleep is the first thing to go. We put everyone else first and we’ve seen time and time again how that can create problems down the line. Yet when it comes to getting work done or sneaking in a few last minute tasks, we put a good night of sleep on the back burner.

Reduce Sleepless Nights with Muslimah Fitness

If you’ve ever been a new parent and experienced sleepless night after night, then you’ve seen firsthand what sleep deprivation can do for you. You’ve seen that you aren’t as sharp and in many instances you just don’t function properly when your body is not rested well. In the case of a new parent, it’s a temporary condition as you work to care for your new baby. However there are many of us well beyond the new parent phase that are walking around in a zombie-like state without even knowing it. If you’re not getting an average of at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night, then you are not giving your body what it needs in terms of sleep. Over time this can cause some real health problems and on a day to day basis, this can dramatically impact how we function and care for ourselves.

Many people think of sleep as a luxury or even a form of laziness. Nothing can be further from the truth, for when we make proper rest a priority for our body, we are doing our part to take care of ourselves. Just as you eat well and practice Muslimah fitness regularly to achieve a healthy lifestyle, so too should you ensure that you are getting the proper sleep that your body requires.

Of course taking care of your family and keeping your household running will always be a priority. As you make that priority list though think of ways that you can get in some extra sleep because it benefits your health greatly. Think of how you can reschedule certain activities or even say no sometimes so that you are sure to get in a proper night of sleep. If you are a night owl and do your best work at night, think of ways you can cut off your activities even twenty minutes earlier so that you can get to bed at a reasonable time. Keep at that until you shave off a little time here and there so that you reach the amount of sleep that is optimal to keeping your body and health running smoothly for Muslimah fitness.

As women, we need to make an investment in ourselves and ensure that we are doing everything that we can to lead a healthy lifestyle. A big part of that is getting enough sleep and if we commit to that, we are well on our way to being our very best selves. When we feel better, we work better and the rest all falls in place. To be the best woman, wife, mother, caretaker, and everything else that we need to be, we need to take good care of ourselves—proper sleep for Muslimah fitness is a great first step.


5 Fitness Foods for Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]In this day of getting in shape, Muslimah fitness is not the only thing that helps us become healthy. Eating right is an important element. Which foods to eat is a challenge for many women. Here are five Muslimah fitness foods.

Avocado – This green little miracle helps keep your body strong and helps with pain. The secret to an avocado is that it will help lower cholesterol. Research has shown that just a few slices each day of the avocado would help boost a woman’s fat intake which will improve her muscle and joint strength for Mulsimah fitness.

Whole Grain Bagels – Carbohydrates are actually prime workout food. You do not want the simple carbohydrates because they will build you up and tear you down. What you really need is the complex carbohydrates, which comes in the form of whole grains. So using this advice, you could have a whole grain bagel before you even begin your exercise and the digestion will become slower because of the fiber. You will have energy at a steady pace, which will boost your Muslimah fitness levels, instead of one big ball of energy.

Bananas – This high-potassium fruit is a quick solution for helping with muscle cramps. When a person lacks sodium, they begin having muscle cramps. A banana also plays the part of a carbohydrate that gives a lot of energy. If you ate at least one banana a day you would be getting roughly 400 milligrams of potassium and 29 grams of carbs. That’s what you get when you eat roughly 2 slices of bread that is whole wheat.

Berries – If you are searching for antioxidants to put into your body then you need to search no further. The researchers from the USDA have named fresh berries one of the 20 richest foods that have antioxidants. Even when you eat just a handful of blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries among other berries you will take in nutrients that help to protect your muscles from free radical damage that may come from exercising. If you are shopping for them, pick the darker and deeper shades. They are the healthiest for Muslimah fitness.

Carrots – One half cup of these vegetables and you only get 35 calories. To some carrots taste like a crunchy candy. Others may not believe that because they don’t like them, but one thing you can believe is that carrots provide energy to your muscles for Muslimah fitness because they have complex carbohydrates and potassium to help with controlling your blood pressure as well as muscle cramps.

By Vladimir C Murray
Vladimir is a freelance health writer who has written extensively on health related topics. He has BSc. in Psychology and runs own business.


Oprah Appearance!


For devout Muslim Mubarakah, a 30-year-old mother of four, life in her 30s is about family and career. Married for 14 years, Mubarakah never had to worry about the dating scene. “Dating in Islam is forbidden,” she says. “When you meet someone and you’re talking to them, the purpose is for marriage. So you’re getting to know someone to know whether or not that’s somebody you want to be married to.”

In her career as a certified personal trainer, Mubarakah’s biggest challenge is finding workout clothes in keeping with her faith. “As Muslim women, we can only show our face and hands,” she explains. “Most workout outfits are either short sleeved or too tight.” She modifies her clothes by adding length to sleeves and hems, taking care to look cute at the same time. “I try to at least look like I’m matching and I have some kind of style,” she says. “So generally my headscarf will match my outfit.”

Mubarakah says she encounters many myths about her religion, including her heritage. “People automatically think I’m from another country, but my mother’s family is Cherokee and my father’s African-American, so I’m as American as it gets,” she says. An open attitude helps Mubarakah deal with misconceptions. “If people don’t understand, I just try to be very personable with it,” she says. “I’m very open as far as questions.”

Commitment to her religion requires Mubarakah to pray five times daily, whether she’s working with a client, at the movies, or in her living room. Still, she says that American Muslims are just like any other Americans. “We’re no longer immigrants or converts to Islam, but rather American-born Muslims that lead regular American lives. [We] incorporate our Islam beliefs and practices into our every day,” Mubarakah says. “In the end, all our goals are the same. All of us want to raise our kids to be contributing members of society, to be healthy, to be happy. And no matter where you choose to worship, every woman wants to know, ‘How do you get rid of cellulite?'”

Airdate: January, 25 2007


Vanilla Spice Oatmeal


Vanilla Spice Oatmeal

Vanilla Spice Oatmeal


  • 3 1/2 cups water
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt, optional
  • 2 cups old-fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • 1/2 cup walnuts, coarsely chopped, optional
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Pinch nutmeg
  • 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar, plus more, to taste
  • 1 cup lowfat milk, divided
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon

In a medium saucepan, bring the water and salt to a boil. Stir in the oats and raisins, reduce the heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally, uncovered, for 5 minutes.

In the meantime, place nuts, if using, in a dry skillet over a medium-high flame, and toast, stirring frequently, until golden and fragrant, about 5 minutes. Set aside.

When the oats are cooked remove pan from the flame and stir in the vanilla and nutmeg. Swirl in the brown sugar and place the oatmeal in serving bowls. Pour 1/4 cup of milk on top of each bowl, and top with toasted nuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Note: For a quicker version using quick cooking or plain instant oatmeal: Cook the oatmeal according to the directions on the package. Stir raisins, brown sugar, and nutmeg into the cooked oatmeal. Top with milk, nuts (toasted or un-toasted) and cinnamon


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