In-Home Personal Training

Do you need to shape up? Do you want to avoid the prying eyes of the gym? Do you enjoy the feeling of empowerment that comes from exercise? Balance Fitness team provides in-home personal trainers and all the equipment needed for fabulous workouts for our clients.

That’s right, we provide everything you need for a great exercise routine. Unless you already have a workout room, there is no need to purchase any exercise equipment. Each of our fitness trainers takes personal pride in ensuring you reach your goals. Why? We know from experience the difference a dress or pants size or two makes; not just in your wardrobe, but also in your overall well-being.

Transform your mind, body & spirit through in-home personal training with proven professionals!

Our team consists of some of the best personal trainers not only in the New Haven CT area, but in the world! Our hiring process is rigorous and all of our fitness trainers have some type of certification to go along with their experience. You’ll never have a trainer that hasn’t proven themselves by excelling before joining the Balance Fitness program.

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Check out all the benefits you’ll receive!

  • Accountability component to enhance self-discipline
  • Time efficiency and consistency to achieve your specific goals
  • Ongoing motivation and support
  • Nutritional tips provided
  • Training for your schedule
  • Variety and progression in your workouts
  • Answers to your training questions
  • Make working out fun, enjoyable at the same time achievable to your goals!
  • Jump start your current exercise program and get your results faster
  • Learn how to achieve a change in lifestyle times outside the personal trainer
  • Stress relief through difficult times
  • Learn to achieve balance for life!