Seated Calve Raises


Seated Calve Raises

Seated Calve Raises

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Muscle Groups Worked: Calves
Equipment: Bodyweight Only

Movement: Sit down on a chair or a bench, grasp a dumbbell and place it on the end of your right thighs, near the knee area. Underneath your feet you should have a block to elevate them with. You can use anything in your home for a platform, ex:  a board of any kind, some books, plates, anything to elevate your heels. Now place the toes of your right leg on the platform and allow your heel to lower toward the ground. (B) With your heel lowered, press onto your toes until your calves are completely contracted! Pause and then lower for a complete stretch. Finish the reps with your right leg and then complete with the other.


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