Weekend Warrior Series: Yogalates




What is Yogalates ~ Core Training
Yogalates ~ Core Training was developed by Master Training and Transformation Coach Mubarakah Ibrahim, the owner of BALANCE Fitness Studio.  It is a fusion of exercises for several different exercise philosophy designed as a  low impact class that focuses on stretching and core strengthening exercises.
Learn safe, effective CORE Blasting exercises that will give you STRONG & SEXY Midsection. Perfect for post-natal moms and women looking to flatten their stomach, strengthen lower back muscles, look good and FEE GREAT!
How is this class different than a yoga or a Pilates “class”?
Yogalates ~ Core Training is NOT a Yoga or a Pilates “class”.  In fact we don’t consider it “a class” at all but rather a group personal training session.  We limit the class size so that each person get enough individualized guidance to help them progress at their own pace and in an appropriate way for their fitness level.
Despite the name this not a Yoga class or a Pilates Class. It does not use the spiritual connection of many yoga classes (no chanting or specific order of movements) which often conflicts with some people’s religious beliefs.  It simply simulates individual yoga movements that serve the purpose of stretching and strengthening specific muscle groups.  It’s not a totally Pilates either but rather focused on specific Pilates based philosophies and movements to improve core strength.
Wh0 is Yogalates ~ Core Training for?
This is it for any and everyone woman who wants flatter stomach, smaller waist, stronger back and better movement, no matter what your fitness level.
It is ideal for women:
  • Who have knee and join issues and can not engage in high impact exercises.
  • Who have recently had children and need to regain core strength
  • Who have lower back pain due to weak or imbalanced muscles
  • Who have tried diet to flatten abs and need core specific work
  • Of every fitness level
Who instructs this session
Our January series is taught By MASTER PERSONAL TRAINER AND me pinkTRANSFORMATION COACH MUBARAKAH IBRAHIM herself.  Mubarakah is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Pre-Post Natal Fitness Instructor and studied both core training and woman specific training with the C.H.E.K Institute.  She is also the mother of 4 children.
What is my investment?
Because consistency is the key to benefiting from any exercise program.  We require all participants to register for a six consecutive week series for only $90.  Our current series runs for January 6th to February 8th, 2014.
How do I register?
Click Below To Register
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Or Call the studio at 203-624-9999 and register over the phone.  All registration require prepayment.  We limit the amount of women in each session and your spot can not be guaranteed without payment.

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