Loving husband asks stylist to teach him how to curl hair as wife can’t do it anymore

As we get older, things we’ve always taken for granted, like being able to go for a walk and get ready by ourselves, become a little more challenging.

And there could very well come a time when we’re not able to do any of these things without help.

One woman has recently found herself unable to curl her own hair anymore, although it was something she previously enjoyed doing.

Her husband noticed she had been struggling (and occasionally burning herself) so decided to take action and seek some advice from a professional.

He dropped by Hair Design By Britney, in Alberta, Canada, to learn how to help his partner with her hair.

In a post on the salon’s Facebook page, Britney wrote: “This lovely gentleman came in today to learn how to curl his wife’s hair.

“His wife is unable to curl her own hair and often burns herself, so he stepped up to the plate and learned how to curl her hair.

“We had the pleasure of teaching him!

“We taught him how to do volume curls on short hair, how to protect her skin from being burned and we even taught him to put on her mascara.”

Alongside this they shared several snaps of the husband learning to curl hair and being shown what to do.

The post has garnered over 138,000 likes and more than 24,000 comments, with many praising the gentleman.

One person replied: “What a wonderful man! I had that kind of husband He used to curl the back of my hair for me regularly because I had surgery on my arm and couldn’t do it well. He’d also often do his granddaughter’s hair.

“The love this man and my husband showed is a testament of true love. It’s been almost eight years since my husband passed from cancer. May my he RIP, until we are together again. Shout out to this gentleman for loving his wife so much.”

Another said: “Ok ladies, now this is a man! What a wonderful story and great hubby to care so deeply for his wife’s needs. May God Bless them both with long, healthy, and happy lives!”

Someone else added: “The stylist is awesome, thank you for taking the time to teach him. You are a very special and loving person.”